The Tower of Kraxxus

The dark wizard’s tower rises above this small hamlet like a withered fist raised in defiance against the bucolic skyline. 

The Tower of Kraxxus is a puzzle and combat encounter that uncovers a long-dead wizard’s treasure vault. Dungeon Masters are welcome to use this module in any way you would like. 

This short module was written using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition rules but can be modified for any fantasy system. It is designed to challenge a party of 3 to 5 characters between 4th and 6th level. It can be modified to accommodate a party of lower or higher level. However a party where all the characters have the ability to fly or levitate might find this scenario too easy.

I plan to update this encounter to include rules for the Pathfinder RPG system.

I welcome all feedback in the comments.

Download the Tower Of Kraxxus


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