A New Push

As anyone who has built an audience from nothing would tell you, become a content creator requires a certain amount of shouting into the darkness until somebody wanders by and finds you.

I’ve made a couple decisions with what I want to do with this campaign i’ve been writing:

1 – I’m going to give it all away for free.

2 – It’s going to happen very very slowly.

I started writing Doom of Ninehands in August of 2014 and am now at the point where the first three fifths of the game can be play tested, but I find myself going back and adding in hooks and clues that relate to the 4th and 5th acts. Call it Checkoff’s Crossbow if you will.

Campaigns have a rhythm and it would be foolish to expect anyone to pick up the threads of this adventure and stutter along as I map the next encounter.

So in the meantime i’ll try to post interesting nuggets of content here, mostly link to people doing interesting things elsewhere, and when I can extract a few pages from my campaign that can stand alone, I’ll put them in the Free Downloads page.

Please follow @shadowoftheaxe on twitter to stay updated!


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