Chapter 1: Our Most Unwelcome Guests

UPDATED 4/19: Yeah this campaign arc has been abandoned. I’ve decided to focus on freelance work for the Adventure’s League and DM’s Guild going forward.

They say every published novelist has one or two complete drafts sitting in a shelf somewhere that will never see the light of day. I think of my work on this now-shelved Byzantium based campaign to be a very thorough self-training exercise in writing adventures. I’m glad I spent a year doing encounter push ups and memorizing challenge rating tables because I was ready to hit the ground running when I found open calls for work.

I plan to slice out the most succulent pieces to present as one-off adventures through the DM’s guild. Stay tuned.


Hello remember me?

The 1st chapter of Shadow of the Axe is ready to download and play! This is a great jumping off point for any campaign as it throws the characters into a goblin ambush and leads them into a confrontation with a dangerous gang of enforces in the imperial capital. All you need to run this is the 5th edition basic rules set.

Here it is:  Chapter 1- Unwelcome Guests

Update: File has been updated on 6/25. Work is covered by a creative commons non-attribution licence.


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