Character / NPC Generator

There are many different types of Nerds. I am both an RPG nerd and an Excel spreadsheet nerd. I have created for your pleasure or frustration an Excel Character / NPC Generator:


As I found myself grinding out NPCs for the Doom of Ninehands Campaign, I caught myself constantly flipping back through the players guide to reference the same formulas and abilities I was just looking at a second ago. So I created the Excel sheet to save time. It only took 30+ hours. Once I got started my OCD side took over and here we are.

The character sheet isn’t meant to be 100% automated or completely comprehensive, just to take some of the grind out of running all the formulas, proficiencies and abilities.

Feel free to download, use, share and modify as you wish. If you find any bugs or flaws please let me know in the comments. If you share the file I would appreciate you mentioning where you found it.


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